Since I’ve seen a few posts and comments complaining about using the Burmese language

Since I’ve seen a few posts and comments complaining about using the Burmese language instead of tribal dialects during CND ceremony in Hakha, here is my opinion on the issue. CND Hakha is a national level celebration, not a local(township) one: we have to understand that. We, the Chin people do not have a common language(another issue), and not all Chins speak Hakha or Falam. To communicate with each other, we have to use Burmese, the official language of Burma and there is nothing to be ashamed of using it.

National level means others have to understand too, and it is broadcasted live on TV. Even at State level, we need to use Burmese since we don’t have a COMMON LANGUAGE. If we are celebrating on Township(regional) level, we can use our regional language. Not at STATE LEVEL AND NATIONAL LEVEL! Unless we have a common language(Burmese now but Eng? Mizo? Hakha? FALAM? Tedim(Zomi) we shouldn’t be complaining about State level ceremonies using Burmese(official) language. For common language, My dream 20 years ago was and still is to use English as official/common language along with Burmese. I think we can do it because God has sent many Chins to western countries and

with them spearheading, we can implement plans for the next generations and, hopefully by 20-30 years we can start using Eng as the common language of the Chins. In the US, some places use Hakha or sometimes Falam without considering there are some Chins who do not understand those dialects. The tyranny of the Mass(majority) is never a good democracy. We always have to include the minority groups as well. On the other hand, Zomi(Tedim) group started Zomi National Day on the same day as CND(February 20) a few years back.

I do not agree with them celebrating ZND on CND because the main theme of CND is unity, not division. The same goes to others. If Hakha or Falam want their own National Day in Chin State, of course, they also have every right to have one. But it shouldn’t be on Feb 20th(as CND). Feb 20th is about the UNITY of all people who reside in the Chin state, not one particular group or tribe.

We should not forget that. The young ones have to change our narrow-minded leaders’ thought process about this issue. I am hoping with globalization affecting more on Chin State we will be more educated and will be able to understand the step by step approach to unite people.By not considering others, we are dividing not uniting. So please try to look broader if you are reading this. I will probably do a short clip about this if God’s willing.