Therefore you are perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect

“Therefore you are perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” In 2023 and beyond it is alive in me we are to believe bigger, not just for ourselves but for everyone. We are to dream bigger than ever before in unison with the unfolding of Father’s plan established for all! As some of you are aware, beginning in 1989 I received a series of visions through which I saw a future when the corrupted nature of humanity was exposed within the ‘kingdoms of men’ globally; the Kingdoms of finances, governments, politics, educations, religions, medicine, agriculture, entertainment and the like which are ruled by a self-serving greedy nature. I saw the Spirit of God put pressure on the global Economy whereby people would ultimately be brought together with a purified heart and renewed mind worldwide. Where globalization has failed due to greed, His Spirit will unite us through righteousness; His right ways of being imparted within with the seed of Love.

All of this would eventually culminate in the greatest Spiritual move of Father God since Jesus as the Christ ascended as the firstborn from the realm of death. Everyone would come to understand as a whole; in part the spirit of eternal life within the resurrected Christ was a prophetic foreshadowing of what was to be offered to everyone at an appointed time. It is our Creator-Father’s-Son’s Dream, desire for all of us to come to know and be known intimately through our union as the redeemed spiritual Family of God while on earth not just in life after this one. May we rest in the intimate knowing His love cannot be earned nor destroyed.

Around the same time frame, I also received an inner vision of what was to come for my own life; much has been fulfilled and I am aware of more unfolding in His timing. Father asked me to let go of my vision for my life, so I could be set apart to be prepared and trained for such a time as this. After receiving a desire to surrender, as asked, I was filled with a peace that has surpassed all of my natural understanding so ‘I could go with the flow and do what my hand finds to do as part of His unfolding processes during my journey in time’. Having received eyes to see spiritual mysteries through His Eternal Kingdom Perspective, an abiding inner joy and peace would overtake me, no matter what was taking place without; fiery trials and tribulations perfect us as love manifested is what I experienced personally. A miracle indeed, appropriated as needed through our union.

I discovered through a sovereign abiding process, that which the mind without a conscious awareness of the Spirit of God as eternal life and love and truth experiences is of little or no value, the renewed mind, born of the resurrected Spirit Christ, comes to understand is Divine order, working all out for the good for the ultimate benefit of everyone with a heart to believe-receive the message of God’s Kingdom coming on earth as it is in Heaven, one new vessel at a time, through various Ages in ever increasing measures. Please think upon this in His Presence

Can you hear Him  ”Dream! Dream Big! Dream Bigger! Dream Bigger Still, Darling!” Creator-Father has a Dream for all of us; His sovereign plan was established before the foundations of the world whereby in the realm of the Spiritual Kingdom we died with Christ and were raised with Him as redeemed heirs; as  through Christ. Having received eyes to see through Father’s eternal perspective, it has been my experience we appropriate this as we learn of His Spirit through our union as eternal spiritual beings during our journey in time… Again, in 2023 and beyond it is alive in me we are to believe bigger, not just for ourselves but for everyone, a double portion anointing through our union as heirs with Jesus as the Christ. We are to dream bigger than ever before in unison with the unfolding of Father’s plan for all in His perfect timing and ways!